Commodores Inn COVID 19 Protocol

The Commodores Inn has taken the COVID-19 situation very seriously.  We are working diligently on an updated cleaning protocol to protect and ensure the safety of our guests, employees and ourselves. We are following closely the Vermont Department of health and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines. As we develop our own protocol please understand that we will be adjusting it as needed to ensure the safety of everyone during these uncertain times.

Commodores Inn:

  1. The building will have clear signage marking physical distancing in public areas as well as signage reminding people of how to protect themselves.
  2. A sign will posted at all entrances clearly indicating that no one may enter if they have symptoms of respiratory illness.
  3. There will be complementary face masks for all guests and guests will be encouraged to use them when in public.
  4. We will be opening doors and windows to promote airflow to the greatest extent possible.

Check-in process:

  1. Temperature check will be taken upon arrival.
  2. There will be a health questionnaire to fill out indicating that there are no symptoms of respiratory illness prior to arrival.
  3. Check-in will be done prior to arrival. Keys will be handed to you in an envelope upon arrival after your temperature check.
  4. Keys will be thoroughly sanitized immediately after a guest leaves and before a guest arrives.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be readily available at check-in.

Public Areas:

  1. There will be signs indicating and promoting 6’ physical distancing noted in all public areas.
  2. We are installing hands free hand sanitizer dispensers in all of our public areas.
  3. All high traffic/public areas including, our lobby, dining room and public rest rooms are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day followed by disinfecting with a peroxide based multi surface cleaner including cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched areas such as  door knobs, light switches, remote controls, faucet handles, air vents, thermostats, tables, handles etc
  4. Temporarily our 24 hour coffee center in our lobby will be unavailable.
  5. There will be extra coffee & tea placed in each of the guest rooms.

Employee Protocol:

  1. All employees must complete a training on mandatory health and safety requirements as provided by OSHA before returning to work. The Commodores Inn will have their completed certificate on file.
  2. Employees may not come to work if they are sick
  3. To the extent feasible, prior to the commencement of each work shift, prescreening or survey shall be required to verify each employee has no symptoms of respiratory illness (fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath), including temperature checks.
  4. Employees must wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer before entering and departing from their work areas as well as frequently during their shift.
  5. Everyone must not touch their eyes, nose or mouth.
  6. All employees will be supplied with face masks and gloves which they must wear at all times when in the presence of others
  7. They will be trained on the protocol of protecting themselves as well as others
  8. They will know how the virus spreads
  9. They will know the proper hand cleaning protocol
  10. Keeping a strict physical distance of 6’ while on the job to the extent possible
  11. There will be no congregating of employees at any time or any place throughout day both inside and outside the building.
  12. Only 2 employees on break at a time.
  13. Employees are required to wipe down and sanitize their workspace upon departure as well as at the beginning and middle of their shift.

Guest Room Cleaning Protocol:

  1. All Housekeeping staff must wear, gloves and masks while cleaning.
  2. For the time being, daily service on guest rooms has been suspended.
  3. Housekeeping service request cards will be available in each room.
  4. Trash and Linens that need emptying and replacing are to be put in plastic bags and placed outside rooms
  5. Housekeeping will replace any items needed and place them outside the guest room door.

After a guest departs:

  1. Enhanced and thorough cleaning protocols will be implemented in guest rooms.
  2. Guest rooms will not be entered for 24 to 72 hours after check-out.
  3. Housekeepers will ventilate a room for at least 20 minutes before they start to clean
  4. Housekeepers will first remove all linens/bedding including bedspreads and enclose them in plastic bags to bring immediately to the laundry.
  5. When washing linens/bedding a disinfectant will be added to the laundry.
  6. A disinfectant will be sprayed on all touch points, for example, faucets, flush handles, door handles, light switches, thermostats, clocks and hangers, remote, hairdryers etc and left to sit for 1 minute.
  7. After a minute the room will be thoroughly cleaned
  8. The final step will be to disinfect everything with a CDC approved product.

Kitchen, Bar and Dining Room Protocol:

  1. Please see employee protocol above
  2. For the time being we will not be serving any food.
  3. When we do open, dining room and bar will be set up to promote physical distancing practices.
  4. All Kitchen, Dining room and Bar employees must all have their ServSafe Food Handling Certification.
  5. We will not be serving our buffet breakfast, dinner or salad bar as in the past for the time being.
  6. We are working on details for serving food according to the information that we are receiving from the state.